Sounding furniture

Sounding furniture for the garden

Garden furniture made of rattan is here the latest trend for gardens. We too, followed the trend and purchased a sitting unit for three persons.

As from the first moment, the material of the furniture remembered me to the front panels of the first loud speaker generation. In addition, the furniture is characterized by the great cavity. It was therefore obvious to me to use the seat also as a loudspeaker for the garden.

I kept the concept very simple. Installation of two loudspeakers on each side of the furniture, both of them linked to an amplifier for all types of sound medium.

The sound is amplified with a small 12 volt stereo amplifier usually used for cars. I connected the amplifier directly to an used 12 volt PC transformer and connected the amplifier with an audio cable, suitable for all types of sound media such as iPad, iPod or iPhone.

The effect is just amazing. Great sound in the garden coming from anywhere.

The radio amplifier is available from eBay or Amazon for little money only. The loudspeakers are from an old stereo sound kit, which was out of use.