Poster stand

Poster stand with light

The good old poster is still a very popular tool for promotions and political campaigns. So, I also decided to support my candidacy for the local council with posters in the world format. The poster was designed and produced on Photoshop and then sent to and ordered from an online printer shop. Each step of the process can be made on a simple PC at home and of good quality. With a little bit of fantasy attractive posters can be produced in practically no time.

To hang up the poster in front of our house, I was lacking a stand. So I decided to do the stand myself in wood. As an additional attraction in the sense of a little gag, I added two 12 volt LED lamps which will the poster make visible during night time.

It was important for me to keep the cost as low as possible. This is also why I selected 12 mm OSB plates for the billboard and standard roof laths for the frame of the stand. The two lamps are directly soldered with the wires and then fixed with a small aluminium tube on the frame. The lights are recyclable and can be used inside the house again. The cost of the other material does not exceed 25 CHF or USD. For this price you will even not be able to rent a stand during 5 weeks.

The wooden frame makes the stand exclusive and attractive and provides additional attention. Once again a product which is not offered in this form in the market and which can only be done by yourself.

The campaign is now over and the election was successful. Time to dismantle the poster.