Office box

Office box based on the example of a commander's box of the Swiss Army

The idea of the presented office box derives from a commander's box of the Swiss Army. The box is designed to keep all necessary office material in a furniture, which can easily be transported. The box is a piece of furniture and a small transport container at the same time. With the digitalisation of the office, the need for such a box is losing importance and practical use. Today, it is possible to run an office digitally on a laptop. The paper office is more and more replaced by the computer. Please see also my project about the toolbox for the modern office.

Nevertheless, there are still small offices were a digitalisation is hard to realise and where an office box may still be the solution for more mobility.

I used to work for some years in a small representative office of a bank. For the event of a sudden loss of the office due to fire, water or earthquake, we prepared and equipped three similar office boxes and kept them somewhere outside of our regular premises. In case of a aprupt loss of the offices, we were prepared to install our three boxes in alternative rooms (e.g. hotel room) within practically no time after the disaster and to keep the office running. Executed tests have shown that it would have worked. The pictured office box might still be a possible solution for an efficient and low-cost Business Continuity Management.