Bar stool; first version

Bar stool made with used wine boxes

The idea of the pictured bar stool was developed in a bar in Zurich. The bar was equipped with stools which were made out of wood of old wine barrels. A real eye-catcher in the middle of a busy bar.

I am not experienced to work with the wood of former wine barrels. However, I made already furniture with wood of used wine boxes. So I started to design a first prototype of three bar stools.

The form of the stool is classical and simple and the legs of the stool were made with new wood. The design of the stool looks a bit clumsy, however, the construction is very robust and made for the heavy duty use. The stools are varnished. The varnish protects the wood but on the other hand destroys the authenticity of the wine boxes. Today, I do work more with oil than varnish.