Multi-functional workshop

My workshop is also a party room, a play room for children and even a home cinema for family and friends. However, most of the time the room is used as a workshop. It may occur, that on a relatively short notice, our children want to organise a party or celebrate a birthday together with their friends. In such cases we are able to rearrange the room in a few minutes from a workshop into a party room. The workbench will then be transformed into a buffet and the standing desk will serve as the Jukebox. But also for a movie night or for an interesting football match we are able to transform the room into a cinema for a relatively large number of spectators.

Earlier, when children were younger and still playing in-house, we also used the room for the model railroad layout. In this case we could detach the model railway layout from the wall, set it up in the middle of the room and use it.

I think that most home craftsmen are in a similar situation as I am. The available space at home is limited and should therefore be made usable for other members of the family as well. Having this concept in mind, I collected the various needs of the family and realised the multi- functional workshop. The pictures show the various usages of the same room.