All made of plywood

Inventive use of plywood

During my last trip to South America I stayed in a hotel in Ecuador where the very special use of plywood won my attention. I even had the chance to observe the construction of an entrance door and to learn about the technique and the various working steps. The result is indeed amazing and the stability of the object is very high. The design is simple but expressive and the structure of the wood provides an artistic impression. To my surprise only a very limited selection of tools is required to do the job.

The working steps are also straight forward and the basic material is plywood with a thickness of approx. one centimetre. Various pieces of plywood are to be glued together and then brought into shape with an angle grinder. The technique nearly allows building every form of objects. However, the production is relatively time incentive and quiet dusty. At the end of the process, the surface is varnished which does not only provide an excellent protection but provides also a contrasty structure of the wood.

The chairs are very solid and durable. A very interesting technique which I have never seen in this form before.