Niche for storage space

Niches can be transformed into additional storage space

Construction-conditioned or for other technical reasons, you will find in practically all buildings niches or other hollow space which are not of any practical use. Between our house and the underground garage there was an unused niche in the ceiling. The niche is waterproof, dry and nearly dust free; hence, excellent conditions for the storage of all sorts of household material.

As the pictures show, I mounted a wooden plate between the two sides of the niche. In my case, the new shelf is used for the storage of wood, I need for my projects in the workshop. The conditions for the storage of wood could not be better. Absolut water-free and dry, In addition, the storage does not bother the daily use of the garage and from the entrance of the garage the storage is even not visible.

In the same niche I have also mounted a simple shelf for helmets, battery charger and polishing machine. This construction does also not disturb the daily use of the garage and has shown to be very practical. The helmets are always nearby and ready to be used for a ride with the Vespa. A simple solution with great utility.