Music for workshop

My workshop is also a concert hall

Wood working with music or radio makes even more fun. However, not every music equipment is made for a dusty environment. In addition, the music equipment should be switched on and off easily with just one button. A complicated process to power on the music every time I go to the workshop hinders me from listening to music. I am happy to show you how I installed the sound equipment in my workshop.

I am a passionate music and radio listener with the claim on good sound quality. In my workshop I installed five loudspeakers around the workshop and one subwoofer under the workbench. So the whole room is exposed to music and feels like being in a concert hall. I installed the audio equipment outside of the workshop in a dusty free side room. With just one main switch installed in the workshop, I can turn on and off my favourite radio channel. The audio equipment does also allow to connect my smart phone in the workshop through Bluetooth or through the earphone jack.

Woodworking with music is double fun and provides an excellent environment to come down and to switch off from your daily troubles.