Mobile table for machines

Mobile table for 6 stationary machines

My constant challenge is the limited space in my workshop and the desire to have a wide range of wood working machines available. A possible solution of this dilemma is the idea of a Swiss Army Pocket Knife, where several tools are placed on one single platform.

Similarly I place all stationary machines on and under one mobile table. The table does also include a drawer cabinet for better stability and for small materials used for the machines placed on the table. Two of the four wheels are lockable. Six different machines do find space on a surface of less than one square meter. All machines were placed in a way that also long and wide material can be worked on the machines. The following machines are placed on or under the table.  

- Belt grinding machine

- Drill press machine

- Circular saw

- Grinding machine

- Thickness planer

- Milling table (self-made)

It goes without saying that not all machines could be placed in a way that all machines are comfortable to use. However, for hobby usage this is also not of first importance and a compromise which can be accepted. The dimensions of the table were chosen in a way that the table is slightly smaller than a standard door. This allows me not only to use the machines in the workshop but also to work with the machines on the table outside the workshop.