Outdoor stable for rabbits

Outdoor stable for rabbits made for the garden

The pictured stable on this page does offer enough space for two middle sized rabbits and can be placed in any home garden. The stable is mobile and can easily be moved around the garden into fresh grass.

The rabbits can freely choose whether they want to stay inside the stable or outside in the grass. The stable also offers the opportunity to close the house during night time. The house is equipped with a plastic box, covered with straw. The stable has proven to be absolutely safe from foxes, so that there was no need to close the door of the stable during the night. Inside the stable we installed a drinking bottle, a feeding trough and a basket for the hay. The stable is made with OSB plates and the roof of the house is covered with a cooper sheet.

The stable has proven to be ready for any weather conditions and has a food and drinking autonomy of up to 4 days.

Our two rabbits were born in this stable and lived almost 10 years in good health before they died. After ten years of usage the stable was still OK but would have required a renovation. However, as the usage was not given any more, we voted for demolition.