Cabinet for power tools

Cabinet for various power machines

A well organised cabinet for all types of hand machines saves time and troubles during a project phase. When I planned my cabinet for hand machines, special attention was given to the access time. The goal was to get a machine in less than 3 seconds. In addition I wanted to make sure that all machines can be taken out of or put back into the cabinet with only one hand and without removing any other machine in the cabinet.  

For practical reasons, all accessories are placed near the respective machines. This allows me to find the necessary accessories quickly and to complete the machine with the tools I need.

The cabinet is also organised in a way, that the space in the cabinet is used as economically as possible and that machines which are used more often, are easier accessible than machines I use from time to time. I managed to store 20 different hand machines with all necessary accessories in only two cabinets. Both cabinets are installed above the workbench.

The cabinets were produced with commercial MDF panels. However, today I would use OSB panels. OSB is less dark and they do simply fit better into the environment of the workshop.

For every machine I designed an individual storage solution, which does only fit for the machine it was designed for. This principle does not only improve access time but also helps to protect the machines and to improve their life time. Both cabinets are organised in such a way that I can even find every machine under the condition of absolute darkness. A very useful principle I learned from a Swiss Army Arsenals.