Mount for rope reel

Mount for rope roll

Plastic ropes have the advantage that they are light in weight, more flexible to use and safer to handle. For all my light to medium forest work I  prefer to use plastic ropes instead of steel ropes.

In addition and to my surprise, plastic ropes have usually a higher breaking load than steel cords of the same diameter.

However, plastic ropes do have an important disadvantage when comparing with steel cable. Plastic ropes are much more vulnerable to mechanical impacts. Sharp metal edges or pointed objects can negatively affect the strength of the rope. It is therefore recommendable to use plastic ropes with care and to storage them accurately.

The best form to storage a plastic rope is to bring it on a role. This does not only protect the rope but is also the most space-saving form of rope storage.

However, I have experienced that it can be quiet time consuming and challenging to bring the rope onto the role. To make the process easier, I made myself a roll mount which can be fixed on a tree and which allows me to roll in the rope with one hand and controlling the rope with the other hand.

A small tool making forest work a bit easier.

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