Mounts for power tools

Self-made mounts for power tools

Individual mounts for power tools do not only facilitate the access to the tools but do also protect them from damages due to improper storage. In addition, the tools can be clearly arranged and are ready to hand without the need to remove another power tool out of the way. Interestingly the majority of the power tool producers do not offer appropriate mounts for their tools. Therefore, the only solution is to do it yourself or to store your power tools in dedicated plastic or cardboard boxes.

An organised storage does not only improve the overview on your power tools, but does also save time when accessing them.

During the production of a mount, special attention should be given to the fact, that the machine or the tool can be accessed and placed back with only one hand. Sometimes it is hard to fulfill this requirement and only a compromise may lead to a pragmatic solution. However, the big majority of my mounts do allow a one-hand access and a one-hand storage. Equally important is the safe fixation of the tool in the mount. This is expecially important when fixing the mount on moving elements such as the door of the cabinet.

So far, I was always able to produce tailor made mounts for every type of power tools. When designing the mount, I do usually go along the following questions:

How should the power tool be positioned to get accessed with only one hand?

What position is best to save space in the cabinet?

Which parts of the machine or tool are suitable for fixation?

Where does the machine have a good form for a self-made mount?

Wood is a very appropriate material for mounts. Personally I do prefer beechwood or plywood of birch. Both types of wood are strong enough to keep heavy machines afely in the mount. Wood is a good material, protecting all types of bodies from scratches or other damages.

Some example of self-made mounts are pictured on this page.