Car stopper

Precise parking position in the garage

The problem is known. How can I make sure that the car is always parked at the same position in the garage. The market offers a wide range of different products. However, I was not able to find a simple wheel stopper without the need to make holes in the floor of the garage.

So I designed my own car stopper for our garage. The simplest way was to build a stopper in form of a wooden bar and with two roof lath, making sure that the distance to the wall remains unchanged.

The stopper does not need to be fixed on the floor and therefore no holes are necessary to fix the bar.

In order to make sure that the stopper does not become a stumbling block, I market the stopper in striking colours.

Cars with bigger wheels will require a higher bar. However, for the relatively small wheels of a Mini, a small bar does already do the job.

We have already the stopper in place for some time. The experience is positive and the space behind the car is always the same.