CNC machine

CNC machine with side walls to protect the axles from chips

On my professional job, I work most of the time on a PC. This is why I try to spend my free time not on computers again and to spend the rest of my time with manual activities. This is also why I am so passioned to work manually with wood and other materials.

Having seen the offer of an excellent and well-priced CNC machine in the internet, the curiosity was stronger than my principles and I bought a construction kit of a CNC machine from GOCNC, a German producer of home CNC machines. Alone during the construction phase and later with the programming of the CNC machine I learned a lot about the way a CNC machine is working. The kit is of excellent quality. The parts do well fit together and a well pictured instruction manual shows how to proceed. What else can be expected from a German high tech product. Only the best or nothing. However, during the construction phase I could not miss to make some changes and improvements of the construction of the machine. The producer may forgive me the changes.

As it is pictured on this page, I added two mountable walls on both sides of the machine. The walls protect the two y-axles from flying chips, getting between the guide rails and rolls. The axles are the most critical part of a CNC-machine. Dirty guide rails may have a negative impact on precision. The walls can easily be mounted and do prevent chips to fly between rails and rolls. In addition I did not mount the protections for the z and a-axle. This allows me to adjust the wheels of the axles easily and whenever required. The two axles are above the cutter and therefore less exposed to the flying chips.

In addition, I replaced the two original side panels with two wooden panels and integraded handles for safe and easy transportation of the machine. Both panels can be removed to get a better access to the y-axles for cleaning or re-adjustment.

The programming I do with Corel Draw on an old laptop. Corel Draw and GOCNC do perfectly work together and the software is powerful enough to make all sorts of things on the CNC machine.

I intend to present some of my CNC projects later on my webpage.

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