Toolbox for office

Practical office tool box for open and modern office spaces

The technical development in the offices made it possible to be mobile and flexible.

My current working place is basically reduced to a laptop, a keyboard with mouse, a headset and some few office tools, such as a pen, pencils, some paper clips and so on. Everything else is now digitized and stored electronically on a central server somewhere deep in the Swiss mountains. With the right tool and access authorisation I am able to get the data any time and from anywhere in the world on to my laptop.

It is already a while since I work with this concept. At the beginning I was sceptical and did have some reservations. However, today, I would not like to miss the new way we work and the flexibility we gained in the team. My workplace is movable and generally I work now there where I am needed most during a certain project or process. Today, the working infrastructure is adapted to my work and not the other way round.

After the introduction of the new concept, I did go even one step further and reduced my former office to the absolute minimum. At the end of the day I constructed a tool box where all the rest of my office found its space.

All the rest is digital and can be made accessible over any WiFi. More is not required or just hinders you from working.

Welcome to the future!