Make an Avocado tree

How to make an avocado tree in Europe

Avocados do usually not grow in Europe and especially not in Switzerland. Our climate is too rough for them. Nevertheless, I tried to make a tree with the heart of an avocado fruit. Here is my report on the result:

From a South American friend I learned to fix the core with three tooth picks on a glass and to bring half of the core of the fruit into water.

After around 4 weeks, the core started to build roots on the bottom. Now it was time to transfer the core into a pot and to wait and see. After another 3 weeks, the young tree started to grow slowly but steadily.

Later in June when the climate in Europe starts to be similar to the climate of South America, I placed the young tree in front of our house with the idea to give him light and sun.

But, unfortunately, the young tree was obviously not used to the European sun and most of the leaves became brown.

In the meantime the tree has overcome the sunburn and is growing every day and has now completed two years.