Trailer storage

Space saving storage of a trailer

A trailer is a very practical tool, transforming every car into a little truck. The only issue which needs to be looked at is the question about where to store it. A middle sized trailer has about the same dimensions as a car and needs therefore more or less the same space when parking it in a garage. However, it does not make much sense to invest in an extra parking space just for a trailer.

As presented on this page, a possible solution for a space saving storage may be the vertical storage of the trailer at the back wall of the garage. The trailer is placed on the parking field and then lifted up towards the wall with a simple hand-winch. I use this installation now for more than 10 years and it has proven to be very practical. In addition I installed a shelf on the wall which can be closed by pulling the trailer up to the wall.

Just some technical specification to the construction. For an optimal weight distribution the cable should pull the trailer with an angle of 45 degrees towards the wall. When using this angle, the winch should be able to support a minimum load of 150 % of the weight of the trailer. It goes without saying that a good reserve should be added to the minimum load of the winch. In my example the weight of the trailer is approx. 500 kg and the winch is ready to take up a load of 1300 kg approx.