Crane for trailer

Mountable trailer crane

A trailer is actually of limited use if you are not able to load or unload heavy goods. I have a heavy splitting machine which I regularly transport into the forest to split the woods. The problem was how can I unload the machine with a weight of 180 kg in the forest.

I actually found the solution for my problem on a business trip to America. One day I observed how a pick-up driver installed such a crane at the hitch of his pick-up. He was able to load and unload quite heavy goods with it.

I never wanted to fix a crane permanently on the bridge of the trailer and was always looking for something, which can easily be mounted when needed. The idea with the hitch crane was the solution. I installed a kind of a hitch on both sides of the trailer, allowing to mount the crane where needed.

In America most vehicles have a hitch receiver in form of a 1 1/4 or 2 inch square tube. This was also the solution for my trailer. I installed a square tube with a inner diameter of 4 cm under the trailer.

In die video above I documented how I installed the crane and how it can be used.

The crane is rapidly mounted and demounted on both sides of the trailer and is able to carry up to 400 kg without any problems.

If you are looking for a similar solution, have a close look and copy it.